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Symbol S and Triangle

Spirituality, Similarities, Synchronistic Events, Sacredness, Shadow & Skies

Triangle represents the synthesis of body, mind and spirit. When these energies are
in harmony with each other we are in harmony with ourselves and others.

Focus not on all of our individual differences for they have a tendency to generate feelings
of separateness amongst each one of us; creating a false sense of “better than”. When
we look deeper and allow our spirit to acknowledge and honor the similarities we all
share, yet try so hard to take no notice of, we begin the process of honoring
each other’s journey; consequently honoring ourselves.

Life’s mirror guides us to look closely into who we really are. This clarity rules out the
persona we have created for others to see; the inflated ego that judges and creates the strong
inertia that strands us from our chosen path and blames others for our misfortunes.

By observing the traits which we most dislike in others in a non- judgmental way, we accept the
gift of the key. This key unlocks the chest that guards the traits/tendencies we most dislike about
ourselves and thus, we own our shadow. As we own “all” of our tendencies good and challenging
ones, we welcome them as the most intimate teachers we will ever encounter. Our souls will soar
into sky-high realms we never thought possible.

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