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 Image shared by: Ramona-Daniela Iovescu
The journey begins with
a bruised heart screaming
and burning (heartburn)
to be acknowleged....
As we enter the void within and embrace our healing journey, memories of past dissapointments, traumatic events and challenges surface into consciousness. A struggle to release and forgive is set into motion. Ego fights us all the way creating a state of unrest.

The loudest voice hindering our progress is that of fear. We compromise the journey by creating the illusion that we have completed the necessary work and are now spiritual warriors. Yet, the nagging feelings continue.

They manifest as irritability, less than, blamming and jealosy to name a few. These lower vibrations continue to show their hideous presence because there are still stagnant spiritual and energetic issues that have not been fully released. They remain deeply lodged within our heart.

As we release past hurts and courageusly allow the protective shield that keeps us separate from others to begin to dissolve we set ourselves and others free

As our heart releases all pain, past sufferings and judgements it soars and becomes truly transparent. The Heart has been Baptized in the Holy Waters of Spirit.. We can now embrace the beauty in everyone and everything that surrounds us. All judgement ceases and the walls we have created to keep ourselves “safe” are no longer needed..
Image shared by: Ramona-Daniela Iovescu
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