A Diver
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A Diver
A diver takes risks as she encounters the unknown

In preparing for the descent an array of familiar emotions are re-experienced

The facemask, gauge and mouth piece are checked and held on to… tightly, as she plunges backwards into the deep

Sensing passion, delight and curiosity

Not knowing what she will fall upon, but realizing the moment of enchantment is soon approaching as the descent begins

 Anticipated anxiety, unforeseen challenges, and intense emotion cause hesitation

Delays diverge her from the scheduled path

That night, she takes the risk of diving deep within her soul

 There, she encounters and greets the unknown

The “I am not willing to remember or challenge” memories begin to surface

In the morning, she ascends as a courageous one that has allowed the hidden wisdom and truths, which lie buried deep within her soul to surface

It is only then she can share communion with her whole being as a warrior of light.
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