In Company
of Seagulls
In Company of Gulls
Symbol S
The Heart
The Lake
01) At Home
02) Desert Lights
03) Coast To Coast
04) TwiLights
05) Day Lights
06) Ocean Lights
07) With Animals
08) Shaped Lights
09) Colored Lights
10) Symbols
11) Planets
12) Sacred Places
13) Clouds
14) Misc. Images
15) 2010
Other Worlds:
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They say that Spirit grooms us for what is yet to come;

allowing each one of us the opportunity to sample an array of extreme experiences and emotions during this lifetime

The awareness of living a charmed existence surfaces into consciousness, delivered as a delicate whisper and perceived as a fantasy of living amongst mystic beauties and genuine moments

Even this experience would not adequately prepare me for the collective journeying which would bond our souls in Holy Matrimony, this magic moment manifesting as pure magic each and every time that you and I connect.

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