In Company of Gulls
Symbol S
The Heart
The Lake
01) At Home
02) Desert Lights
03) Coast To Coast
04) TwiLights
05) Day Lights
06) Ocean Lights
07) With Animals
08) Shaped Lights
09) Colored Lights
10) Symbols
11) Planets
12) Sacred Places
13) Clouds
14) Misc. Images
15) 2010
Other Worlds:
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   Humans tend to rely on logic, observation, measurement and proof to debunk anything that scares them or that which the mind cannot comprehend by making “sense of”. Statistics are not used as a point of reference in this endeavor. Therefore, allowing each individual to perceive the Lights as they wish and to absorb and accept only that which they are prepared for. This allows each individual to cultivate their own wisdom. Knowledge acquired through proof and logic is not to be confused with wisdom.

   “People on earth always attempt to place their limited understanding over their attempts to comprehend the spirit world, rather than releasing all belief and perception and surrendering only to the spirit world, therefore to live their earth life in a completely new and intensely charged way. Often when mankind tries to bolster faith, he descends into fear, for fear is the mechanism that shuts off the reception of faith, which is seen as a threat to the mind/ego” Elishevaa

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