Gallery 9:
Colored Lights
In Company of Gulls
Symbol S
The Heart
The Lake
01) At Home
02) Desert Lights
03) Coast To Coast
04) TwiLights
05) Day Lights
06) Ocean Lights
07) With Animals
08) Shaped Lights
09) Colored Lights
10) Symbols
11) Planets
12) Sacred Places
13) Clouds
14) Misc. Images
15) 2010
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   Go forward knowing that as the Creator’s child, you are amazing. Whatever dramas cross your path will set the stage for unlimited possibilities. You get to choose which ones you will dance with based on what you perceive as reality; based on what you perceive as your truth. Sometimes, life’s most profound gifts come disguised as harsh experiences. Our limited mind experiences them as injurious assaults to the ego. Our spirit helps us recover from these blows; if we allow for the intimate experience to manifest within each one of our cells. We then embark in the process of healing and begin to let go of self- limiting beliefs and negative emotions that have held us back. Thus, allowing inner wisdom to guide us into the next experience guided by the power of faith, hope, and truth.

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Music by: © 2001-2010 Kevin MacLeod

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