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In Company of Gulls
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   “Why do we question so much of which we know is there but can’t explain. We turn on a switch and light appears and we accept this because someone has reached the mental capability to understand how it occurs and assures us it is possible. Yet, many of us personally still could not define or begin to outline how it occurs. In this same existence, there are those of us that know intrinsically there is another energy that radiates light that exists which can be turned on or off yet we still have not found the tangible switch. It does not make it any less real, it is there we just are not yet able to understand the entire process, which makes it, occur. The lights in the pictures appear to us, they have been turned on for us to see. Was it us that somehow did it? Was it someone else trying to send us a message? The one thing that is certain is, we see more when there is light than when it is dark. We just need to realize what it is we are supposed to see.?Megan Dennis

Image shared by: Megan
Image shared by: Megan
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