This site is dedicated to the unusual lights and their spiritual and metaphysical meaning appearing in photographs taken by Sue Kilp and others using various cameras under various conditions. Communication regarding the images are welcome. Please do not copy or use any of the images without the express permission of Sue Kilp or the photographers who have generously shared them on this site.


All of the images have been individually selected for the Mirrors of Light website. While you may note that the unusual Lights are not visible to the naked eye in every image, I invite you to consider the possibility that they are however, always present.

In Light and Beauty,

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In Company of Gulls
Symbol S
The Heart
The Lake
01) At Home
02) Desert Lights
03) Coast To Coast
04) TwiLights
05) Day Lights
06) Ocean Lights
07) With Animals
08) Shaped Lights
09) Colored Lights
10) Symbols
11) Planets
12) Sacred Places
13) Clouds
14) Misc. Images
15) 2010
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